The essence of BRAINESTAA is to impart young minds with self-realization based on cleanliness, cultural values, discipline, academic excellence, career identification and social responsibilities through education, awareness, training, counseling and assessment (online/offline) we play a significant and remedial role in balancing the socio-economic framework of the country.


  • BrainEstaa Creates platform for students to identify their
    1. Innate potential
    2. Multiple intelligence
    3. Left VS Right brain
    4. Lobe performance
    • Intelligence based career and ex-curricular identification
    • Tailor-made training and counseling programs are made for students based on their strength identification and weakness empowerment
    • Our target Mission 2019 (BrainEstaa Mission 2019)
    • BEM-2019:
    1. BrainEstaa plan to reach around 8000 thousand students in this year
    2. Help students to identify their innate potential, strength/weakness.
    3. Training, counseling and assessment activities will be conducted based on the need analysis to empower student academic excellence, career guidance and motivate them towards the participation nation development.
    • Turn-around /Mind-altering training & counseling sessions will be handled to the student which changes their perspective of handling situation and working towards their objective.
    • Offline assessment will be conducted for the students in regular interval of time to identify their flaw, negative aspects in their mindset and breakthrough sessions will be conducted to overcome it.
    • Online based academic and self-development modules are created and based on its, assessment will be conducted for the students to making them to realize areas to be developed and based on it prizes will be distributed.
    • Online assessment will be conducted in zonal level, district level, state level and national level


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