BrainEstaa is an organization whose focus is to promote students participation, encouragement and engagement with training inacademic education, new learning methods, self-development and ex-curricular activities. BrainEstaa recognizes the importance of every individual student’s aspiration and the need to match these aspirations to the right career opportunity with the support of their brain intelligence.
BrainEstaa remains attentive to school student’s need and differentiates itself by ensuring that all of its services deliver significant benefits and value to its clients. Communication, loyalty, engagement and retention are hallmarks of BrainEstaa service.
In an ever changing students environment BrainEstaa is open to achieving its objectives through the development of strategic alliance, business partnerships and adapting to emerging markets.
BrainEstaa is committed to providing its staff with flexible working conditions in a safe, family friendly environment.
BrainEstaa has an unrivalled breadth and depth of training options that includes identification of students potential , counseling for students and parents , Student Self-Development practices, providing solutions for Learning issues , Technology based academic-support/assessment and across a range of subject areas including; Leadership and Management, Project Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Communications, Finance, Training and Assessment, Work Health & Safety and Professional Development.
The BrainEstaa provides tailored and specifically created skills-development programs that are aligned to Educational organizational strategies and systems. Its approach features skills gap analysis, skills development programs, training, skills coaching and online based education support and assessment.


We are teachers, administrators, parents, students and trainers from all parts of the nation. We have one common belief that every child is uniquely brilliant and deserve a high-quality, personalized tailor made system of education.


#14,Kumaran Street,
Chennai - 600099.

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