About us:
This Agendum is mutually signed by the parties to improve the student’s academic performance with the help of a scientifically proven and useful skill analyzing test which serves as guideline for a child’s future.Our vision is to create a meaningful conversion in the school life of teachers and students by making them understand the student’s inborn talents and provide specific learning practices which leads to academic excellence.We help teachers and parents to understand their student’s learning style, personality types, multiple quotient distribution and their score in different intelligences. We do provide references as required for counseling (higher education), sports education, extra-curricular activities etc.This tool analyses the student’s intelligence and provides counseling on the specific learning technique for each type of child.

Assessment Process:

The biometric assessment process:

  • Registration: Understanding the importance of school academic session THE DATE & TIME FOR THE ASSESSMENT is agreed mutually. On confirmation of signing an agreement according to the strength of students the time period for scanning and counseling will be updated to the school.
  • Fingerprint scan: The fingerprint of students is scanned by using a bio-metric sophisticated scanner and each scan takes about 10-15 mins.
  • Report generation: Scanned prints are analyzed by high end software and reports are generated within a week’s time from the date of finger print taken. Reports are handed over to the parents on the specialized counseling session.
  • Counseling: We schedule a Life Changing Counseling session for students along with their parents in which we explains their child’s inborn talents , innate potential, multiple intelligence quotient , personality trait, career guidance , unexplored areas

Work Duration:

  • Registration
  • Finger print scan: 10 to 15 mins / student. (According to the strength of students, number of days for scan will be varied)
  • Report generation: 7-10 working days.
  • Counseling: Each session takes 10-15mins/student.

Add-On Services:

Mindstein assures worldwide establishment of the school through online branding with support of YouTube competition and events. Mindstein offers a range of Value Added Services in order to enhance the journey of students and is dedicated to provide the best overall experience towards academic excellence and self-development.
  • YouTube Competition
  • Concentration improving session (basic)
  • Basic Speed Reading session (level 1)
  • Basic Vedic Math’s session (level 1)
  • Innovative science training classes (basic)
  • Young scientist competition
  • Self-development classes
  • Self-development classes
  • Parenting program

Payment terms:

  • 15% on the day of acceptance and signing of MOU
  • Next 20 % on the day one of biometric scan
  • Next 20% upon completion of scan.
  • Next 25% on the day one of counseling
  • Last 20% upon completion of counseling.
We hereby request the school to oblige our payment terms as payment terms have been made in accordance with the operational expenses of the process.


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